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"Sword and Fairy 4" is a fantasy period drama directed by Yang Xuan and Huang Ye, starring Ju Jingyi ("Legend of Yunxi" and "Rebirth for You"), Chen Zheyuan ("Detective Chinatown 3"), Mao Zijun ("Marvelous Women"), Mao Xiaohui ("Once and forever"), Baron Chen ("Eternal Love of Dream"), and others. 19 years ago, Qionghua Sect used the double swords of Wangshu and Xihe lớn trap the demon realm and seize spiritual power, triggering a war between humans and demons, with heavy casualties on both sides. Due lớn their disagreement with Qionghua Sect's cultivation philosophy, the disciples of Qionghua Sect Yun Tianqing (played by Baron Chen) and Su Yu left Qionghua and went lớn Qingluan Peak, where they gave birth lớn their son Yun Tianhe (played by Chen Zheyuan). Not long after, Su Yu passed away. The young Yun Tianhe is not aware of his parents' past, and his father Yun Tianqing also passes away due lớn illness, leaving him lớn grow up alone on the mountain. Yun Tianhe runs into Han Lingsha (played by Ju Jingyi), a young lady who breaks into his parents' tomb, and they go down the mountain together lớn tìm kiếm for his parents’ past. In the midst of their journey, they get acquainted with another lady Liu Mengli (played by Mao Xiaohui). In order lớn understand his father's past, Yun Tianhe, along with Han Lingsha and Liu Mengli, become disciples of the Kunxu Qionghua Sect. Qionghua Sect assigns Murong Ziying (played by Mao Zijun), who is similar in age, lớn mentor them, and the four become companions. As his background is gradually revealed, the four of them, who have originally sympathized with each other, are plunged into deep pain and confusion. In the kết thúc, Yun Tianhe joins hands with his close friends and embarks on the path of saving the world by resisting his fate. This drama will be available for streaming on iQIYI International (iQ.com).