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Teddy Robin

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Kwan Wai-pang (關維鵬)

20 March 1945 (age 78)

Guilin, Guangxi

NationalityHong Kong SAR, China
Occupation(s)Musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, film actor
Years active1960s-present
RelativesKelvin Kwan (Nephew)
Hong Kong Film Awards – Best Supporting Actor
2011 Gallants
Best Original Score
2011 Gallants

Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards – Best Actor
2010 Gallants

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese泰迪羅賓
Simplified Chinese泰迪罗宾
Standard Mandarin
Hanyu Pinyintai4 di2 luo2 bin1
Yue: Cantonese
Jyutpingtaai3 dik6 lo4 ban1
Musical career
GenresHong Kong English pop
Instrument(s)Vocals, guitar, piano

Kwan Wai Pang (Chinese: 關維鵬; born trăng tròn March 1945 in Guilin, Guangxi), known professionally as Teddy Robin (Chinese: 泰迪羅賓), is a Hong Kong English pop singer-songwriter, actor, and director and producer. He began his music career in mid 1960s when Hong Kong English pop was at its peak. He formed a rock and roll band with his friends called Teddy Robin and the Playboys while Teddy was the vocal and guitarist. The band was the first Chinese-led rock band in Hong Kong. The band became a massive hit in Hong Kong.

From the 70s, Teddy started to tướng get involved in the movie industry. in 1979, he was the producer of his first movie 《Cops and Robbers 點指兵兵》. He then played a pivotal role at the Pearl City Production Company and Cinema City Company Limited. Despite his heavy involvement in movie productions, he was still passionate about music and continued his involvement in record productions and film tuy nhiên creation during the time.

He has produced over trăng tròn movies and directed 5 and 1/3 films throughout his career. He won various awards across film and music festivals, such as the CASH Hall of Fame Award from the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong, The Best Original Film Song and the Best Supporting Actor from the Hong Kong Film Award, The Best Actor from Hong Kong Film Critics Society and The Best Actor from International Chinese Film Festival. He is also one of the five founders of Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild and the Honorary Director of Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild.

Early life[edit]

Teddy Robin was born in Guilin, Guangxi, alongside five brothers and sisters.[note 1] He came to tướng Hong Kong with his father in 1949, settling in Wan Chai.

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As a rebellious child, Teddy was average at school. He always hung out at street court with his gangs[note 1]. He called himself "Teddy Robin" because he admired the heroic image of Robin Hood.

At the early age of 11, Teddy started his career as a child broadcaster at Rediffusion (ATV).

Teddy developed his enthusiasm for rock and roll music when he first heard the sound of an electric guitar.[1] Then he started to tướng explore and learn to tướng play electric guitar [note 1]. He then formed a rock band called "Teddy Robin and the Playboys" with his friends and his two younger brothers.

Apart from music, Teddy Robin is also a skilled painter and sketcher. He designed the cover for his singles, including "I Can’t Be Hurt Any More", "Not All Lies", "Breakthrough", "365 Days" and "Memories".

Music career[edit]

After graduating from high school, Teddy Robin worked as a Trainee Producer at Rediffusion English TV Station [note 2]. He formed rock band "Teddy Robin and the Playboys" with Norman Chang, Fedrick Chan and his two younger brothers in 1966.[2][3]

In the 1960s, the band was signed by Diamond Records and released its first album.[2] In 1966, "Teddy Robin and the Playboys" was the trang chính band of Rediffusion TV's most popular music program "Soundbite 66".[4]

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In 1968, Mr Chung King-fai invited Teddy to tướng move from Rediffusion TV to tướng TVB under the terms phối by Teddy – to tướng not only perform on the stage but also work behind the scene.[note 2] He acted in his first movie "The Cost of Love" for Shaw Brothers Studio in 1969. Teddy Robin returned to tướng Rediffusion TV in 1973 to tướng host a youth show called "Melody Chain".[2]

While in 1974, Teddy Robin realized rock and roll music started to tướng diminish in Hong Kong, ví he wandered to tướng the United States and Canada until 1978.

Award and recognition[edit]

  • 2011 – Gallants – The Best Supporting Actor, the Hong Kong Film Award[5]
  • 2011 – Gallants – The Best Original Film Song, the Hong Kong Film Award[5]
  • 2011 – Gallants – The Best Actor, Hong Kong Film Critics Society[6]
  • 2011 – CASH Hall of Fame Award, Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong
  • 2012 – Merry Go Round – The Best Actor, International Chinese Film Festival[7]
  • 2017 – Lifetime Achievement Award, Asian Popup Cinema Festival[8]

Personal life[edit]

Teddy Robin is married and has one son and one daughter. His son works at Morgan Stanley in London as an Executive Director and his daughter is a sugar artist in Canada.[9]


As actor[edit]

Year Title Role Awards
2019 A Lifetime Treasure
2013 Tales from the Dark 2
2013 Doomsday Party
2011 ICAC Investigators 2011
2010 Merry-Go-Round
Gallants Ben Law Won – Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards for Best Actor
Won – Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame Wang Lu (after face-lift)
1995 Hong Kong Graffiti Johnny K
1993 Temptation of a Monk
1992 Cageman Tong Sam
Twin Dragons Tyson
1991 Great Pretenders Mr. Giant
The Banquet
1990 To Spy with Love Terry
1988 The Eighth Happiness Hsiu-Fang's Husband
Three Against the World Cho Fei-fan
1987 Kino Countdown Huge Ben
Legend of the Golden Pearl
1985 Working Class Hing
Lifeline Express
Run Tiger Run Teddy Shit
1984 Banana Cop Chiu Din-Boh/Ping Pong Ball
1983 All the Wrong Spies Inspector Teddy Robin
1982 It Takes Two
1981 All the Wrong Clues Chief Inspector Robin
1970 The Price of Love Wu Yu Sheng

As film director[edit]

Year Title Awards
1988 Women Prison
1995 Hong Kong Graffiti
1990 Shanghai, Shanghai
1987 Legend of the Golden Pearl
1983 All the Wrong Spies Nominated – Hong Kong Film Award for Best Director

As composer[edit]

Year Title Awards
2010 Gallants Won – Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Score
2009 Permanent Residence
1996 Black Mask
1995 Great Adventurers
The Private Eye Blues
Hong Kong Graffiti Nominated – Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Song
1993 Full Contact
Miss Butterfly
Lady Super Cop
1991 Legend of the Brothers
1990 Shanghai, Shanghai
To Spy with Love
1989 Bloody Brotherhood
1988 Tiger on Beat
Three Against the World
As Tears Go By
1987 City on Fire Nominated – Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Score
Nominated – Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Song
1986 Till Death Do We Scare Nominated – Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Song
1983 Aces Go Places 2 Nominated – Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Score
All the Wrong Spies Nominated – Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Score
1982 Aces Go Places
1981 Chasing Girls
1980 The Saviour
1970 The Price of Love

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