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Gocycle Premium Service Plan Overview

Within two years of the original purchase of a new Gocycle, you may purchase and subscribe to tướng a Gocycle Service Plan, which covers Servicing of your Gocycle for the purpose of preventative maintenance caused by normal usage of your xe đạp as described in more detail below. A Gocycle Service Plan does not cover damage to tướng your Gocycle related to tướng crashes or theft, misuse, vandalism, or any other damage to tướng your xe đạp caused by you or others. By subscribing to tướng this service, you may book service appointments, aligned to tướng the Service Intervals described below, within the period in which the Subscription is live, as long as the Service Interval milestones have been reached. These Terms and Conditions apply to tướng Gocycle Service Plan purchasers, and bởi not supersede or take the place of any of the General Terms & Conditions.

What is Included in the Plan
  • Fast-Lane Servicing with a Service Turnaround from point of Arrival at one of our Gocycle Servicing Hubs to tướng time of Shipping from one of our hubs of 7 Calendar days (Public Holidays not included) – If you would lượt thích to tướng collect from us then that can also be arranged
    • If we fail to tướng meet the servicing turnaround time for any reason we will refund 1 month of value of the Servicing plan: 30(£/€/$)
  • A full external and internal visual inspection of the Gocycle, with a thorough diagnostic review inside-and-out, including the Clean Drive
  • A Scaling in-depth Servicing process which matches usage and timeline of the Gocycle being owned, becoming more detailed and reflective of the needs of you and your Gocycle as you add Miles and Time goes by
  • Firmware Updates and System Updates are included as standard
  • Replacement of all effected Warranty parts as would be expected
  • A 5% discount on any parts needing to tướng be replaced that are outside of Warranty – or that are not included in Warranty as standard
  • Valet Cleaning at each Service, maintaining a high quality look and feel 
  • Free of Charge Replacement of minor wear parts such as Brake Pads, plus a Brake Diagnosis and Brake-Line fluid replacement to tướng maintain that highest standard of responsiveness at every service, Suspension Elastomer checks and replacements from Service 2 Onwards, and Kickstand Ball Replacements from Service 3 Onwards (For all of these không tính phí of charge replacements – only applicable if deemed as required by our Expert Servicing Technicians)
Who can Take Advantage of this Plan

A Gocycle Service Plan is available to tướng anyone buying a Gocycle new from our trang web store, and any existing customer who has purchased a Gocycle as New within the last 2 years, whether it be direct from Gocycle or from an Approved 3rd Party Supplier. The plan will be available to tướng purchase at point of Sale of a new Gocycle through our trang web store, or it is able to tướng be added from our Servicing Plan trang web page.

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The plan sign-up is for a minimum 12 month period. Any future exclusive offers or opportunities that apply to tướng multiple years of holding a Servicing Plan will only be applicable based on a plan being held continuously for the period specified. Any stoppage of the plan after a year resets the next time a plan is set-up to tướng Year 1.

If you are purchasing a used Gocycle, and that Gocycle has been under a Gocycle Service Plan, you may tương tác Gocycle to tướng determine if the Gocycle is still eligible for a Gocycle Service Plan with a new owner. If the Gocycle has been well-maintained from the perspective of our service records, Gocycle will permit the continuation of a Gocycle Service Plan with a new owner . If eligible, You must purchase a service plan within 30 days of registering your ownership on the Gocycle Connect App.

Not Included in the Plan

The Gocycle Service Plan does not include repairs or replacement of any parts or accessories, regardless of if they are in or out of Warranty, if the need for repair or replacement is due to:

Any damage incurred from flat or punctured tires, accidents or incidents, vandalism, submersion in water, or damage by You or any other tiệc ngọt, general repair or replacement of parts that fall out of the warranty period, or shipping costs to tướng and from service locations.

Malfunctions from Software misuse, third tiệc ngọt applications, any virus or malware, whether or not this was downloaded by You or any third tiệc ngọt.

The use of, or installation of, any other non-OEM original Gocycle parts/accessories;

Routine servicing or repairs by anyone not authorized by Gocycle

Costs suffered by You as a result of not being able to tướng use the bicycle, or any costs other than thở the replacement of the bicycle.

Gocycle Engineering Service Technicians reserve the right to tướng define what work and parts need replacing during Servicing.

Gocycle reserves the right to tướng define which maintenance checks which can be conducted by the Customer themselves outside of this plan. In the sự kiện of any self-maintenance, the Customer agrees to tướng use original Gocycle parts during any maintenance completed as to tướng avoid not being entitled to tướng the benefits of the Gocycle Service. If the Customer is not able to tướng prove the maintenance has been performed or any damage is incurred due to tướng the use of non-approved Gocycle parts or accessories, Gocycle reserves the right to tướng refuse to tướng honour the plan, and invoice the Customer for the costs incurred by Gocycle as a result of the incorrect maintenance.

Fair-use of the Product is detailed in the General Terms & Conditions.

Where is the Plan Available

Anywhere globally – Shipping arrangements and costs are the customers responsibility, unless stated otherwise, including any Duties or VAT applicable

The Gocycle Service Plan is Linked to tướng the Frame Number of your Gocycle and is applicable to tướng that Gocycle only.

Purchasing the Plan

In order to tướng use this Gocycle Service Plan, You will need to tướng purchase the plan from the Web Store, and establish and maintain an Account in the Gocycle Support system. To be able to tướng offer You the Gocycle Service Plan, we need to tướng process personal data as detailed in the General Terms and Conditions, or as noted the Gocycle Terms of Sale (

Servicing Locations and the Purchase Relationship

The Gocycle Service Plan is purchased in a direct relationship with Gocycle, and the Services covered under the plan are not able to tướng be completed via Customer Self-Maintenance or via any Reseller, including Gocycle Service Partners. The Service can only be completed at a Gocycle OEM Servicing location as listed below, at pre-determined Gocycle Service Intervals. For servicing and shipping purposes Gocycle currently has direct Servicing Hubs in the following locations which can complete this Service:

Chessington, UK

Amsterdam, NL

Amherst, NH, USA

Wayzata, MN, USA

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The customer is không tính phí to tướng ship to tướng any of these locations, at their own cost, from anywhere globally. All shipping arrangements and costs, including any Duties and Taxes, are the responsibility of the Customer unless explicitly stated otherwise.

When are my Service Intervals Due

Annually or every 2,000miles (3,200km) – whichever comes first, but for no extra cost should you be a super-user needing more than thở one service annually.

Service Intervals Included in the Plan

Initial Service: The 100 Mile Service, if brought in directly to tướng Gocycle – However, this Service Interval is also able to tướng be completed by a Gocycle Approved Reseller at any cost to tướng the customer this incurs, and undertaking this Service by any means outside of Gocycle will not impact the continuation of this plan

“Annual” Service Interval: 1 Service for every Year the Gocycle Service Plan has been in effect OR* every 2,000 miles (3,200km) since the start of the Service Plan based on usage of the Gocycle as recorded via Gocycle's internal system and proven to tướng Gocycle via a Log Upload from the Gocycle ứng dụng. Note: Annual services can only be completed after 11 months of continuous service plan payments and not more than thở 1 annual service per year. For the service plan to tướng be valid on used Gocycles, a log upload must be made by the customer within 7 days of purchase of the service plan.

Service Intervals Not Included in the Plan

500 Mile Visual Inspection   

Also not included: Any other General Repairs which occur outside of the agreed Service Intervals incurred for any reason.

The Servicing & Maintenance Activities Included in the Plan

Overview of General Activities Completed by the Gocycle Engineering Service Technician as part of the Service being Completed at each Service Interval - the example below is as of the Gocycle Premium Service Plan:

Service 1 – 1 Year / 2,000Miles (3,200km):

  • Full Visual Inspection
  • Hub Cones, Bearings & Wheels Check
  • Full Cleandrive Internal Inspection
  • Chain & Cable Checks
  • Torque Checks
  • All Brake Pads Replaced
  • Pedal Movement Check
  • Latch & Kickstand Check
  • Handlebar and Grip Check
  • Brake Bleed & Fluid Change
  • Rectification of any items Warranty
  • Report on any other items
  • All Tech Bulletin Items Rectified
  • Firmware Update

Service 2 – 2 Year / 4,000Miles (6,400km):

  • All Service 1 Activities +
  • Inspect Rear Hub Bearings
  • Replace Suspension Elastomer
  • Kickstand Adjustment
  • Gearbox Grease Replacement
  • Detailed Motor Drive Bearings Inspection
  • In-Depth Wheel Detail Inspection for any cracks or damages
  • Firmware Update

Service 3 – 3 Year / 6,000Miles (8,600km):

  • All Service 1 & 2 Activities +
  • Battery Discharge Check
  • Frame Hinge Bushes Inspected
  • Hold Pins inspected
  • Stem Adjuster Bushes Inspected
  • Kickstand Ball Replacement

Service 4 – 4 Year / 8,000Miles (10,800km):

  • All Service 1, 2 & 3 Activities +
  • Headset Bearing Inspection
  • O-Rings on Brakes Replaced
  • O-Rings on Calipers Replaced
  • Brake Levers Replaced

Service 5 – 5 Year / 10,000Miles (13,000km) Onwards:

  • All Service 1, 2, 3 & 4 Activities +
  • Full in-depth battery kiểm tra and testing – consultation on Battery Replacement options
  • Front Disk Replacement
Priority Servicing & Repair

Whilst a Gocycle Service Plan is live Gocycle endeavours to tướng complete the Servicing of your Gocycle, at the Service Intervals described, within 7 Calendar Days of the Gocycle Arriving at the Gocycle Servicing Hub. The day of Arrival is classified as Day 0, and then the Gocycle must be shipped, or Ready for Collection, on or before Day 7 from the day of Arrival. Should Gocycle fail to tướng meet this timeline, due to tướng reasons internal to tướng Gocycle and outside of the control of the customer, Gocycle will refund 1 months value of the Gocycle Service Plan back to tướng the Customer at the retail Subscription value of 1 month. This is not applicable if the ability to tướng complete the Servicing within this timeline is impacted by activities within the Customers control, for example, including but not limited to tướng, not responding to tướng, or delaying via not directly answering queries from the Gocycle team, not responding to tướng or delaying the arrangements for the approval of non-Warranty repairs, or shipping or collection of the Gocycle, not responding to tướng or delaying payment of approved repairs due to tướng Gocycle in order to tướng complete any required repairs on the Gocycle.       

If your Gocycle needs to tướng return to tướng a Gocycle Service Hub for any repairs outside of the standard Service Intervals detailed, then Gocycle will also endeavour to tướng prioritize any Customers Gocycle who is on the Gocycle Service Plan, meaning that the Gocycle will jump the queue into a Priority Queue with other Plan users, and Gocycle will apply the 7 day timeline to tướng these repairs also. In these instances Gocycle will inform the customer if it is not possible to tướng meet the 7 Calendar Day timeline due to tướng the level of repair being outside of the possibility of meeting this timeline for any reason, and therefore will not then refund a month of subscription costs if the timeline is not met. If Gocycle fails to tướng inform the Customer of it not being possible for the timeline to tướng be met, and the repair then takes longer than thở 7 days, Gocycle will refund 1 months value of the Gocycle Service Plan back to tướng the Customer at the retail Subscription value of 1 month.

Booking An Appointment

You book a Service Interval appointment via the Gocycle Support pages accessed via the Gocycle Website Support pages (, by contacting Gocycle’s Customer Service Team and requesting the desired date of the Servicing appointment. Once the time and date is agreed, the Customer will then be responsible for shipping the Gocycle to tướng, and from, the nearest Gocycle location for the Service to tướng be completed.

Assignment & Use of the Plan

The Gocycle Service Plan is linked to tướng the Frame Number (Serial Number) of your Gocycle product, and cannot be used for any other Gocycle than thở the one the Gocycle Service Plan you have purchased is linked to tướng. You may not use any other Gocycle Service Plan, permit anyone else to tướng use Your Gocycle Service Plan, or assign or otherwise transfer any right You have under Your Gocycle Service Plan to tướng any other person or entity.

Gocycle may permanently or temporarily terminate, suspend, or otherwise refuse to tướng provide Gocycle Service Plan services to tướng you for good cause, including if Gocycle determines that you violated any provision of these Terms and Conditions or if you misuse the services, the Gocycle, or any other product. In such case, Gocycle will promptly provide notice of suspension or termination to tướng you.


The Gocycle Service Plan is a one-year subscription, and you are billed annually or monthly dependent on which plan payment method You have selected. Initially the subscription will be automatically renewed for successive one-year periods except if you terminate it by sending a termination notice by e-mail not later than thở 7 calendar days before the date reached exactly 12 calendar months from the purchase of the subscription. Provided you have not yet benefited from the services, you may cancel your subscription within 14 days following your enrolment in the Gocycle Service Plan by notifying Gocycle in writing by tin nhắn or via the Gocycle Support system.

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Prices are Monthly for a Minimum 12 Month Term

The Annual payment option is one time at point of plan purchase or renewal only, and are discounted at the rates shown on the Web Store

These Terms & Conditions bởi not override or replace any of the standard Product Terms and Conditions which can be found online and in your owners manual.