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April 10, 2015 (2015-04-10) (Taiwan)

Murmur of the Hearts (Chinese: 念念) is a năm ngoái Hong Kong-Taiwanese romantic drama film directed by Sylvia Chang. It was released on April 10, năm ngoái in Taiwan and April 30, năm ngoái in Trung Quốc. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section of the năm ngoái Toronto International Film Festival.

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Murmur of the Hearts movie scenes
Murmur of the Hearts movie scenes

Yu-mei (Isabella Leong) and Yu-nan (Lawrence Ko) were born on the small and isolated Green Island off the east coast of Taiwan. They grew up listening to tướng bed stories about a mermaid told by their mother (Angelica Lee). Now a painter based in Taipei, Yu-mei is in a rocky relationship with aspiring boxer Hsiang (Joseph Chang). She is also seeing a counselor for her anger towards her mother, which is making her see hallucinations and have trouble sleeping. It is revealed that her mother took her and left the island when she was a child, eventually operating a restaurant in Taiwan and becoming another man's mistress in Taiwan. After her mother died, she overheard her father saying he doesn't want to tướng hear anything about her or her mother. To make matters worse, she is currently pregnant and she thinks Hsiang doesn't want children with her. While she is battling her own emotions, Hsiang is desperately trying to tướng make it to tướng the boxing competition. But he is losing sight in one of his eyes and when the fact is discovered by his coach, he is pulled off the matches and disqualified from being a boxer. One day, while the couple is having a meal in a restaurant, Yu-mei is overcome with emotions when she recognizes the restaurant as the one her mother used to tướng own. She finally confesses that she is pregnant and Hsiang is grim but holds her hand. Meanwhile, at the same time, Yu-nan is now a travel agent working between Green Island and Taiwan. He too is troubled by memories of his mother, thinking she abandoned him because she liked Yu-mei better. As the film progresses, they all manage to tướng let go of their demons and come to tướng peace on their own. Years pass and Yu-nan stumbles into Yu-mei's daughter Hai, who is all grown up, and Hsiang in a bookstore where Yu-mei is doing a signing. Hai shows Yu-nan the book her mother authored and when he reads it, he recognizes it as the story of his childhood. Yu-nan meets her and they smile, having reunited at long last.

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  • Isabella Leong as Yu-mei
  • Joseph Chang as Hsiang
  • Lawrence Ko as Yu-nan
  • Angelica Lee as Yu-mei and Yu-nan's mother
  • Wang Shih-hsien as Boxing coach
  • Julian Chen as Father
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    The film has grossed NT$5.46 million at the Taipei box office and, by May 4, năm ngoái, had earned $835k at the Chinese box office.

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