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Flowing water - Rowing sounds

Bạn đang xem: The Beloved The Rebirth Of Love | Tổng hợp phim the beloved the rebirth of love hay nhất | phim the beloved the rebirth of love 2023

Wind by the river blends with human voices by the river

Endless river, vast and immense

Two lines flow, red and pink with alluvium.

Looking at the river evokes memories of home

Dogs barking at night, roosters crow at dawn

Crickets chirping under the green grass

The scent of the homeland is sweet, the land is sweet

Remembering the orchard full of fruit trees

The sound of singing birds calling back in months and years

Southern wind, moonlight on a full moon night

The sound of dew at summer night, the sound of silkworms spinning

Remembering the years of childhood

Hometown, the sweet and nostalgic voice of Mother.

2019 Poem by Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)

2. Poem


The horizon blushes with the sunset glow

The dike lies softly, the fields embrace the evening sun

A young buffalo's footsteps play a melodic flute

The vast sky resonates with the sound of a kite

The rooster crows, ducks quack in the yard

Pigs grunt and squeal, demanding their share of the meal

The pond's surface reflects the round rolling sun

Fish swim energetically, chasing bait in tìm kiếm of prey

Pumpkins stretch their vines, green shoots thriving

The citrus orchard shines with blossoms of orange and pomelo

Grandma smiles, glancing at Grandpa

Chewing betel, the taste of lime leaves a pungent sensation

Grandpa sits, holding his pipe in hand

Eyes fixed on the drifting smoke of the tobacco

The xanh xao smoke disperses across the village

The aroma of freshly harvested rice wafts gently

The village gate provides shade with a banyan tree

The communal house and ancient pagoda exude tranquility

Homeland, full of cherished childhood memories

Far from trang chủ, I am filled with nostalgic longing for the homeland…!

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)



Returning lớn your embrace, my dear homeland

Admiring the winding river along the gentle dike

The soil's sweet taste, the fragrance of alluvial mud

The countryside's aroma, the wind of my inner home

The bamboo's shade covers the village road

The mist and smoke spread, painting the scenery green

Youth and age gather around together

A pot of fresh rice, a bowl of field crab soup

The farm's fish sauce, pickled eggplants and spicy peppers

Returning lớn your embrace, my dear homeland

You stroll through the landscapes of our ancestral village

Chu Long's Poetry

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)



Remembering summer, the golden noon sun

Long for the southern breeze, recall the coming summer rain

Remembering kites and the winding dike

Recalling the riverbank, the gentle and affectionate village

Remembering the communal yard, the shade of banyan trees

Recalling the grassy path, the thatched roof house

Remembering the bamboo hedge, the green melon and orange pomelo

Remembering the betel garden, the trellis of bamboo

Remembering the jackfruit tree, the pond's edge

Remembering the chirping birds, the greeting magpies

Remembering the narrow alley, the mossy courtyard

Remembering the dawn and the golden dusk

Remembering the sound of pounding rice in the mortar

Remembering the ducks quacking, the chorus of frogs

Remembering the small gate, the grassy yard

Remembering the distant memories, the forever longing...

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)



Homeland, where fragrant rice fields thrive

Remember the pink lotus pond in the sweet months.

A deep pond where fish dance with glee

The high ngân hàng where ducks and geese peacefully dream.

Cornflowers sway with the gusty breeze

Fresh green vegetables line the edge of the sweet potato field.

Tall bamboo and grazing cattle dreamily wander

Munching on the golden strands of fresh rice.

Young and old gather for the communal meal

Space filled with the aroma of the seasonal harvest.

Gentle bells and solemn gongs resonate

Their profound sounds echo from the village temple.

Sunset descends, lights ascend

Insects hum, creating a melody in perfect harmony.

Whispers in the wind, soft and tender

Words of love and charm reverberate in the returning echoes.

Listening, the soul enraptured, the heart captivated

Feeling the deep sweetness of the homeland.

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)



Softly dawning, a tranquil dawn unfolds

Spreading over the lush grassy edge, embracing spring.

Clouds drift, near and far, in gentle waves

Wind falls, from every corner of the garden.

A trellis of squash blooms in glory

By the pond, ducks, geese, and chickens harmoniously coexist.

Betel leaves hide beneath the areca shadow

A coconut, perfectly round, conceals within the color of space.

Whiffs of smoke wrap around someone's kitchen

A poetic voice resounds, spreading smiles around.

The fragrance of fresh rice and vibrant greens

Mingles with the scent of the earth and the sky of the countryside.

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)



Ancient, venerable ancestral house still stands

A well with cool, sweet water brimming with antiquity.

By the river, a ferryboat still ferries

A banyan tree casts refreshing shade, noon still lingers.

The temple roof, fresh with brown tiles

Chanting of sutras and the bell soothe the soul.

A row of bamboo trees rustles in the wind

The homeland field, rice fragrance wafts exuberantly.

Fresh green bamboo covers the roadside

The village field drinks water from the flowing ditch.

The Call of cicadas and the cuckoo's cry in summer

The singing of magpies and the twittering of swallows.

The greetings of the tailorbird seeking its mate

The gentle cooing of birds building their nests.

Admiring the sunset—remembering golden sunlight

Watching the sunrise—remembering the village, the hamlet...

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)



The sunrise glistens with golden light

Spreading across the fields and village in the countryside

The wind whispers gently as it returns

Sunlight falls, each droplet of warmth dissolving.

The scent of fertile land fills the air

Birds soar peacefully amidst the sky

Wandering clouds and playful winds

Homeland gazes at the vast… enchanting sky!

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)

9. Poem


The afternoon sun gleams with golden threads

Embracing the countryside with tender arms

Herds of buffalo graze along the riverbank

The flute's melodic tune captivates the mesmerized souls

The river flows abundantly with water

A boat rests by the shore, admiring the vast sky

The village hugs its peaked roofs

Green fields, a sea of lush and enchanting rice paddies

The evening sun blankets the entire village

Clouds paint the sky in hues of gold and open space

The high sky wears out the tired wings of storks

The resonating calls echo across the village fields in the homeland.

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)



Cat Ba archipelago, poetic and serene

Sea, original ecological garden within

My homeland, Hai Phong

Do Son with its dragon boat festival, buffalo fighting

Kim Son, Kien Thuy, traditional festivals bring joy

Thuy Nguyen sings folk colors harmoniously

The Cat Hai fish festival seeks blessings

Elephant Mountain, vast and beautiful with hidden caves

Countless landmarks and village festivals

Harmonizing within the rich cultural heritage of ancient land.

Gourmet delights: banh domain authority cua soup

Seafood dishes, fresh and delicious all seasons

Spicy hot crispy bread

Fried nem cua echoes from nearby military posts

Bun ca (fish noodle soup) with various flavors of hometown

Banh beo with meat, an unforgettable delight

Lau cua dong (crab hotpot), a mesmerizing taste

Banh cuon (rolled rice pancakes) with thick meat slices

Historical sites: Phu Chu temple and Chua Chien

Bach Ho Princess worships at Tien Nga temple

Le Phung Thoang festival in March

Phu Xa festival in August, honoring Father Tran

Den Nghe, honoring General Le Chan

Suoi Rong, Ba Den, sacred spiritual places

Den Tam Ky, Linh Quang Pagoda

Chua Vẻn, Chua Cấm, Chua Hàng Phổ Minh

Chua Chiếu, Chua Đỏ, Hải Ninh

Dong Khe, Chua Vẽ, Cao Linh An, Da

Tra Phuong Tu, Chua Vân Tra

Phuc Linh, Dong Du, numerous and diverse.

My homeland, rich and lovable

Abundance of landscapes and historical sites

Invite you lớn come and visit

Hai Phong, friendly and deeply hospitable!

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

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Come, my dear, lớn my homeland*

Behold the orchids blooming in the spring sky

Dragon's beard and phoenix's tail in the lake

Purple, yellow, pink, white, a myriad of red and wild

Fairy's hair, Deer's hoof, Blood-stained velvet

Cloud sea, Jade peak, intertwined with the scent in flight.

Imitation crane, Italian jade, and here's the Hoa phí phạm

Ngọc Điếm, Kim điệp, and the Fire Phoenix

Imitation fairy, Golden line, Stone orchid

Pink tower, Snow jade, fragrance dense and sweet.

Orchid sword, Green jade, Red Phoenix's tail

Golden peach blossom, White jade, the Dragon's tail in the sky

Various colors of orchids

Flower of love and noble sentiments…

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)



Look at the golden summer sky

Admire the red phoenix trees swaying

The cicadas' tuy vậy welcomes the autumn

The birds chirp, expressing their love

The orchard bears round and beautiful fruits

Trees proudly display their leaves, swaying

The pink lotus blends with the noon sunlight

The scent of the homeland mixes with the ancient taste of the field

By the pond, ducks are preening

Green bamboo sings while welcoming the sparrows

Gourds, eggplants, chili, and bitter melons

Pumpkins, amaranth, and green morning glory under the sun

Father's words, Mother's laughter

The love of the village, the warmth of neighbors

Even if you travel in all directions

How can you forget your Vietnamese homeland

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)



The coastal đô thị Hai Phong

My homeland, Phuong Red, vibrant every month

Please come and visit

The heroic land with a prestigious history.

The emperor Trung Sisters bravely proclaimed the nation

Le Chan, a female general, proudly stands

Here flows the Bach Dang River

Burying the enemy's bodies, soaking their hearts with hatred.

Co Trai echoes the lullaby

The capital of the Mac dynasty stands firm

Trung Am Vinh Bao, a majestic temple

Binh Khiem advances in scholarship, leaving a mark for a thousand lifetimes.

Hai Phong, windswept by the sea

Đuc-Tin-Le-Nghia, people loyal lớn their principles

Generous, benevolent, and infinite in mercy

Rich in understanding and true principles.

The fertile land emits the fragrance of flowers

Driving away invaders, the soul soars

Bac Thien, Duc Canh, are still here

The shadow of Uncle To Hieu near the cherry blossom tree.

Hoang Quy-Doan Chuan-Van Cao

Thuy Mien, music enters the hearts of the people

Tran Hoan-To Vu-Canh Than

Their souls beautify Hai Phong's spring.

The months paint in shades of pink and red

The sky lights up the distant streets with red lanterns

Long sand, Short sand, Ba sand

Quang Trung, Tran Phu, flowers flood the streets.

Hoang Van Thu -Nguyen Tri Phuong

Nguyen Duc Canh street, the road lớn Me Linh

Tran Nguyen Han street, Truong Chinh street

Lan Ong, Ton That Thuy, Trang Trinh, Ky Con

Iron Market, Three Silver Market, Con Market, Lamp Post

An Duong, Stone Machine, Don Market

Cua Nam, Cua Bac, Meeting every day.

The names of Binh Bridge, Quay Bridge

Kien Bridge, Cue Bridge, remember Railing Bridge

Niem Bridge, Tien Ky Bridge, Quy Cao Bridge

Bach Dang Bridge, a pride of Vietnam (*)

Industrial zones lượt thích Quan Toan

An Duong, Tien Lang, An Trang, Tan Lien

Life in Nam Cau Kien

Trang Cat, Dinh Vu, Thuy Nguyen, Ben Rung.

Golden apricot, red cherry blossoms

Hai Phong, the port đô thị, welcomes spring

A warm greeting lớn everyone near and far

Oh friends, please visit my homeland!

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)



Mount Ngự Bình, lượt thích a poem

Fragrant River, a strip of silk gracefully rests

Trường Tiền reflects sparkling shadows

Land, river, and mountain in harmonious embrace.

Wind whispers around Phú Văn Lâu

Whose boat casts nets in Tam Giang's dawn.

Water flowing in and out at Thuận An Gate

Blue sea, windswept, under the evening sun.

Oh Hue, how many treasures you hold!

Ancient capital with countless wonders around

Thiên Mụ Pagoda, Hà Khê's distant view

On Vọng Cảnh hill, gazing towards the horizon.

So many beautiful scenes, oh Hue!

Dong Khanh School, students in bright white uniforms.

Bạch Mã Mountain leans into the clouds

Mơ Waterfall's cool water intoxicates the mortal realm.

Oh Hue, my Hue, in spring

Allow bu lớn be with you, just once

Once by your side, lớn bring

My heart lớn a serene landing... Beloved Hue!

2018 Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)

15. Poem: HUE LOVE


Returning lớn beloved Hue today

The Perfume River flows in both directions, full of tides

Ngự Bình mountain, beautiful and distant

Your eyes imprint the silk of the moonlit sky

Hue evening, tranquil and dreamy

Your figure lost in a poetic rhythm full of love

Hue's pink sunsets dye the clouds

Soft threads, light and gold, float in vibrant hues.

Your vũng Dai standing on the bridge

Trường Tiền reflects a pure white originality

Your Hue girl's voice, gentle and kind

Hidden in the corner of your bright eyes under the evening glow.

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)



Sunset paints a mesmerizing scene

Unleash your heart on the seaside, weaving a golden tapestry

Shady path, green trees

The birds' calls resonate, passing through the lofty branches.

The long street lost in footsteps

Your red heels release the graceful beauty of spring

Gentle under the afternoon light

Mysterious mist adorns your loving eyes with ripe pink.

As the afternoon on the seaside arrives

End of summer, sparse phoenix flowers bright and fresh

Golden leaves lightly fall

Autumn shadows lean towards the horizon at sunset.

The seaside in the afternoon is soulfully beautiful

Waves embrace the sandy shore, kissing the boat's bow

Watching the flowing tide rise

Carrying a cool breeze from the beloved hometown.

This evening, I return lớn the seaside

Admiring the fine sand of the gentle homeland

Lying in the vast sea

Savoring the salty aroma, the sea's lullaby.

I return lớn the seaside in autumn

Seeking old friends lớn wander with.

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)

17. Poem: HUE, MY LOVE


Beneath the azure sky of Hue,

The ancient capital bathed in autumn's golden hue.

Mount Bach Ma rests in tranquil lullaby,

The bell of Thien Mu Temple serenades the soul nearby.

Perfume River blends with the sky sánh fair,

Hue's melodious tunes fill the air.

Along Dong Khanh gate, in the evening's glow,

Your white dress fades in the sunset's afterglow.

Who stands by the bridge, releasing the soul?

In Truong Tien, who waits, who still remembers who?

Hue, your morning sun sánh bright,

Wherever I go, I remember... forever, my beloved Hue!

Chu Long

Illustration photo (source: internet)

Illustration photo (source: internet)

18. Poem: SOW AND REAP


A spoken word, sweet and pure,
Fragrant as the scent of rice, blossoms in the village
Gentle words, soothing and sure,
Even the mad find solace within.

Words, a dagger, piercing the heart,
Like a poisoned needle, injecting venom,
Causing blood lớn flow, tears lớn start,
Shattering homes, ruining lives, humanity's mayhem.

Let us all reflect, come near,
Sow what you reap, until your time is clear.
Chu Long

Photo by Chu Minh Khoi

Illustration (source: internet)



The sky is full of golden sunlight,
Painting the coastal town with the brilliance of flower colors.
High branches echo with the cheerful tuy vậy of birds,
Cicadas sing, their summer melody gentle and sweet.

The sea in the afternoon is a mix of xanh xao,
My soul, lượt thích a golden thread, lightly drifts away.
Footsteps on the sandy shore,
Eyes dreamily gazing at the drifting clouds in the sky.

The beautiful sea in the afternoon is vast and deep,
Waves crash from the east, rushing towards bu.
Losing myself in the sea breeze,
My spirit wanders, immersed in the four xanh xao horizons.

Watching the gentle, soothing waves,
Caressing the smooth sand with a murmuring sound.
Merging with the rustle of the wind,
Blending with the purple leaning horizon of the sunset.

Summer afternoon by the sea, and me!

Chu Long

Illustration (source: internet)

Illustration (source: internet)

Illustration (source: internet)



Amidst the vast canvas of existence,
Humanity speaks in myriad tongues,
A universal language woven into the fabric of life.

Mountains murmur ancient tales,
Rivers echo the wisdom of ages gone by.
Underneath the sky's expansive embrace,
The world whispers its secrets, soft and profound.

Images captured by the lens of time,
An mạng internet of thoughts, shared and unspoken.
Visual poetry painted with strokes of emotion,
A gallery of moments frozen, yet forever evolving.

So let the illustration from the virtual realm tell,
The silent narratives of the interconnected world.
In pixels and codes, stories unfold,
Whispers of the world in every digital fold.

Chu Long


'Death marks the end' for a lifetime,
Yet it's only an kết thúc for the one who departs.
For the living, in sorrow and strife,
A hollow space within, seeking what lớn fill.

'Life is an ocean of suffering,' declared,
But who willingly leaves this realm?
Knowing the kết thúc is near, still waiting and watching,
Gleaning fragments of joy in the twilight of rebirth.

Contemporary minds oblivious lớn human connections,
We trade wealth and power for the currency of life.
Even in death, no serene repose,
Epitaphs echo, though millenniums might blur.
Chu Long

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