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Assault on Hill 400 (2023)

Ep. 144

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This week the boys cover a new film from Asylum, Assault on Hill 400. The film details a squad of Rangers as they attempt to lớn assault the titular hill in the Hurtgen Forest in late 1944. The film has all the hallmarks of an Asylum mockbuster. Aging D listers, cliches, and more! Plus Robbie talks about Robert Capa and Matt mansplains photography.

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  • 156. The Duellists (1977)


    Two Napoleonic officers endure a 15 year duel in Ridley Scott's directorial debut. Starring Keith Carradine and Harvey Keitel and shot on a small budget, Scott's film delivers a brooding and tense tale of honour and masculinity against a backdrop of Europe at war. Swords and sabres a plenty in this one!Remember to lớn follow us on Twitter @FightingOnFilm and on Facebook. Check out our trang web at www.fightingonfilm.com. If you enjoy the podcast then please consider supporting us and out our Patreon here.

  • 155. Bat*21 (1988)


    During the Vietnam War in 1972 Lt Col Hambleton was shot down during the Easter Offensive. One of the largest American rescue operations was sprung to lớn get him back to lớn friendly lines. Gene Hackman stars as Hambleton in this Hollywood retelling of the story, and Danny Glover of 'Lethal Weapon' fame co-stars as a Skymaster pilot tasked with getting him trang chính. Where does Bat*21 rank in the Vietnam War genre? Join us to lớn find out...

  • The Monuments Men (2014)


    This week we look back at George Clooney's 'The Monuments Men' which tells the story of a group of art experts and historians as they try to lớn save priceless and important pieces of art from being destroyed or lost in the latter stages of the Second World War. The film boasts an impressive all-star cast including Cate Blanchet, Matt Damon, John Goodman, Hugh Bonneville, Bill Murray and Jean Jourdain, but even with all this star power does it hit the right tone? Join us to lớn find out!Get the latest news and kiểm tra out our back catalogue of episode at www.fightingonfilm.com

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  • 153. Making Documentaries - An interview with Emmy Nominee Paul Epstein


    This week we are joined by Emmy nominee Paul Epstein, a director and producer, who has worked on 'Navy SEALs Brothers in Arms', 'Gunslingers' and "The Men Who Built America'. We talk to lớn Paul about his career in documentary film making and get into what it takes to lớn get factual series onto tv screens.Check out our site - www.fightingonfilm.com

  • 152. Castle Keep (1969)


    This week the boys take a trip to lớn Castle Keep, Sydney Pollack's late 60s new Hollywood war movie, which is surreal to lớn say the least! Burt Lancaster and Peter Falk star in a film that attempts to lớn tự something new with the genre in the late stage of the War movies golden era. The boys also find time to lớn fit in Simpsons metaphors and more!Get the latest news and kiểm tra out our back catalogue of episode at www.fightingonfilm.com

  • The Great Escaper (2023) - FoF Exclusive Review!


    This week sees the release of 'The Great Escaper' the latest Micheal Caine film. The 90-year-old 2 time Oscar winner is back, playing Bernie Jordan. The film tells the fictionalised true story of a veteran of the Normandy landings who under took a solo trip to lớn the 70th D-day anniversary commemorations. His trip became worldwide news and saw Jordan dubbed 'The Great Escaper'. The film co-stars the late Glenda Jackson and includes an excellent turn from John Standing. The film explores themes of reflection and survivor guilt, catch it in cinemas on 6th October.Check out our site - www.fightingonfilm.com

  • 150. The Guns of Navarone - 150th episode special!


    We are thrilled to lớn celebrate our 150th episode with a classic from the genre - 1961's 'The Guns of Navarone'. The epic adventure, based upon Alistair MacLean's best selling novel, was directed by J. Lee Thompson and boasts a fantastic ensemble cast including Gregory Peck, David Niven, Anthony Quinn, Anthony Quayle, James Darren, Irene Papas and, Gia Scala. The boys also talk about some of their favourite moments from the past 3 years of the show and dive into a real gem from the golden age of war films. Thank you for listening and here is to lớn another 150!Check out our trang web www.fightingonfilm.com

  • 149. The Real Glory (1939)


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    Gary Cooper and David Niven face off against a Moro Rebellion in the Philippines in 1906 in this week's review. Cholera, orchids and Niven on a Gatling Gun - what more could we want? Matt and Robbie also talk about the upcoming 150th episode and announce some new podcast merch!Be sure to lớn kiểm tra out our site - www.fightingonfilm.com

  • 148. The British Army on Film - We Have Ways Festival 2023


    We recently gave a talk at the fantastic 'We Have Ways of Making You Talk' podcast Festival, after doing 2 quizzes at previous events. This year we gave a talk on depictions of the British Army on Film during the Second World War. From Dunkirk to lớn the Far East we talked Niven and Mills. Piats and Panthers. Join us and listen to lớn our talk in full.