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Ping Pong: The Triumph

Theatrical release poster

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LiterallyChina's table tennis counterattack
Directed by
  • Deng Chao
  • Yu Baimei
Written by
  • Yu Baimei
  • Pei Liu
  • Hui Meng
  • Deng Chao
  • Sun Li
  • Xu Weizhou
CinematographyMax Da-Yung Wang
Edited byBallu Saluja
Music byAndrew Kawczynski


Hengye Pictures

Distributed byChina Lion Film Distribution

Release date

Xem thêm: Xem Phim Hoa Nhung Tập 4 VietSub Thuyết Minh

  • 17 February 2023 (China)

Running time

Xem thêm: đạo Mộ Bút Ký Trùng Khởi Xà Cốt Phật Thuế | Tổng hợp phim đạo mộ bút ký trùng khởi xà cốt phật thuế hay nhất | phim đạo mộ bút ký trùng khởi xà cốt phật thuế 2023

137 minutes
Box officeUS$23,954[1]

Ping Pong: The Triumph (Chinese: 中国乒乓之绝地反击) is a 2023 Chinese sports drama film co-directed by Deng Chao with Yu Baimei. The film starring Deng Chao with Sun Li and Xu Weizhou is phối in 1992 vĩ đại 1995, and follows a table tennis coach based on Cai Zhenhua, who comes back from abroad vĩ đại serve as the coach with a resolve vĩ đại make a difference. Under his leadership, five players, Ding Song, Ma Wenge, Wang Tao, Liu Guoliang, and Kong Linghui, played in Tianjin. The story of a desperate counterattack in the World Championships.[2]


  • Deng Chao as Dai Minjia based on Cai Zhenhua
  • Sun Li as Wang Ying
  • Xu Weizhou as Bai Minhe based on Ma Wenge
  • Duan Bowen as Huang Zhao based on Wang Tao
  • Cai Yida as Gong Feng based on Ding Song
  • Ding Guansen as Hou Zhuoxiang based on Liu Guoliang
  • Sun Xilun as Dong Shuai (Kong Linghui)
  • Wu Jing as Da Li based on Xi Enting
  • Yu Haoming as Wang Yao based on Wang Hao


The film was initially released on 24 January 2023, but due vĩ đại lack of response, it was put on limited viewing the next day. It was re-released on 17 February 2023.[3]


James Marsh of South Đài Loan Trung Quốc Morning Post rated the film 3/5 and wrote, "Ping Pong: The Triumph is a slick and polished production fuelled by national pride and rose-tinted nostalgia." He praised the ensemble, writing, "the spirited ensemble, keeps us invested in the individual challenges and struggles faced by the team’s so-called 'Five Tiger Generals' when they are away from the table." He concluded, "While perhaps not a sporting classic for the ages, Ping Pong: The Triumph should get its intended audience on its feet".[4] Carla Hay of Culture Mix opined in his review that the film is "more than thở about winning games." Hay added, "All aspects of the movie (the writing, direction and acting) are not terrible, but neither are they outstanding." She found the screenplay "somewhat bland" but action scenes "well-filmed". Hay wrote, "It's a very formulaic and predictable 'underdog' sports story, but there are enough riveting scenes of table tennis/ping pong competitions vĩ đại keep viewers interested."[5]


""No One Called "Hey"""
Song by Lorne Balfe and Andrew Kawczynski
ReleasedJanuary 20, 2023[6]
LabelEast Asia Record Production Company Limited
Songwriter(s)Tang Tian
Producer(s)Yu Fei
Official video
Ping Pong: The Triumph - Song on YouTube



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