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Team Batista no Eikō (チーム·バチスタの栄光, The Glorious Team Batista) is a Japanese mystery film and television show adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Takeru Kaidō. The story revolves around a hospital with a team of doctors known for their success with a type of heart surgery. After a series of failed operations that result in the patient's death, an internal investigation is initiated, led by a doctor named Taguchi and a brash government official. In the original novel the main character Taguchi, was a male doctor in his forties. However, for the film adaptation TBS suggested replacing the character with a young female resulting in Yūko Takeuchi being cast as in the role.[1] For the TV show, Taguchi is a man, with Atsushi Itō playing the role.

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A top notch seven-member team of doctors and nurses known as “Team Batista” are Tojo University Hospital’s pride and joy. The medical team performs a prominent heart surgery known as the Batista Operation which has a normal 60% success rate, but the team has consecutively pulled off twenty six successful surgeries. However, the streak is broken after a string of three procedures kết thúc in their patients' deaths. Consequently, an internal investigation is launched with hospital therapist Kohei Taguchi in charge of uncovering the truth behind the incidents. When Taguchi is unable lớn find any definitive information, the deaths are labeled as unexplainable accidents. The evaluation is subsequently dismissed by Keisuke Shiratori, an investigator with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, who re-launches the investigation on the basis that the deaths were actually murders.


The Glorious Team Batista
Directed byYoshihiro Nakamura
Written byHiroshi Saitō
Mitsuharu Makita
Produced byYasuhiro Mase
Kanjirō Sakura
Akihiro Yamauchi
StarringYūko Takeuchi
Hiroshi Abe
CinematographyYasushi Sasakibara
Edited byHirohide Abe
Music byNaoki Satō
Distributed byToho

Release date

  • February 9, 2008

Running time

118 minutes
Box office¥1.6 billion JPY[2]

The filmis based on an award-winning novel and its popularity resulted in roughly 25 movie studios and television networks fighting over adaptation rights, in the kết thúc TBS won out.[1] The novel was adapted for the screen by Hiroshi Saitō and Mitsuharu Makita. The film began shooting October 7, 2008 and was primarily shot in Tokyo. The Glorious Team Batista was in theaters on February 9, 2008 and became a commercial success, grossing 264 million yen from 284 screens its opening weekend.[3]

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When The Glorious Team Batista was screened at the Udine Far East Film Festival, it received mediocre reviews. Todd Brown of Twitch wrote:

"The characters are stock at best, the story arc blandly predictable and the ending drawn out beyond reasonable bounds. The technical kết thúc is solid and the performances good enough but the script for this just feels far more lượt thích a lengthy episode of prime time network television from the pre-HBO era – much more Murder She Wrote or Matlock than thở Dexter – than thở it feels lượt thích the feature film – adapted from a popular mystery novel – that it is. Horrible? No, just horribly bland."[4]

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Similarly, Ross Chen of Love HK Film wrote:

"...The Glorious Team Batista is a ragingly obvious commercial film, with manufactured characters, drama, and situations that seem ripped from a pulpy bestseller you might find featured in an airport bookstore (Surprise! The film is based on a novel.). This is a big-screen medical thriller built for mainstream audiences, and it seldom delivers anything beyond the required or expected... Regardless, the whole is too glossy and commercial lớn be anymore more than thở an average medical thriller suited lớn undemanding audiences."[5]

A sequel lớn the film titled The Triumphant Return of General Rouge was released March 7, 2009. The sequel adapted from "General Rouge no Gaisen," which is the third book in the same novel series as "Team Batista." Yūko Takeuchi and Hiroshi Abe reprised their roles, with director Yoshihiro Nakamura also returning. Masato Sakai was cast as the film's antagonist.[2]


  • Yūko Takeuchi – Kimiko Taguchi
  • Hiroshi Abe – Keisuke Shiratori
  • Koji Kikkawa – Kyoichi Kiryu
  • Hiroyuki Ikeuchi – Ryo Narumi
  • Tetsuji Tamayama – Toshiki Sakai
  • Haruka Igawa – Naomi Otomo
  • Hiromasa Taguchi – Takayuki Haba
  • Naoki Tanaka – Kōichirō Himuro
  • Shiro Sano – Yuji Kakitani
  • Yōko Nogiwa – Makoto Fujiwara
  • Sei Hiraizumi – Seiichiro Kurosaki
  • Jun Kunimura – Gonta Takashina

TV Show[edit]

Team Batista no Eikō
GenreMedical Drama, Mystery
StarringAtsushi Itō
Tōru Nakamura
Ending themeMamoritai Mono (Thelma Aoyama)
ComposersKei Haneoka
Takeshi Senō
Original languageJapanese
No. of episodes11
ProducersYoko Toyofuku
Kōichi Toda
Kaoru Yamaki
Production locationTokyo
Running time54 min./episode
Original release
NetworkFuji TV
ReleaseOctober 14 –
December 23, 2008


  • Atsushi Itō – Kōhei Taguchi
  • Tōru Nakamura – Keisuke Shiratori
  • Tsuyoshi Ihara – Kyoichi Kiryu
  • Daisuke Miyagawa – Ryo Narumi
  • Hiroki Suzuki – Toshiki Sakai
  • Yumiko Shaku – Naomi Otomo
  • Masahiro Toda – Takayuki Haba
  • Yū Shirota – Kōichirō Himuro
  • Shingo Tsurumi – Yūji Kakitani
  • Yuko Natori – Makoto Fujiwara
  • Ryuzo Hayashi – Kenta Takashina
  • Mayumi Asaka – Kanako Miyahara
  • Takaaki Enoki – Ichirō Kurosaki
  • Chika Uemura – Kyoko Hoshino
  • Akio Yokoyama – Shuzo Taguchi
  • Risa Saiki – Midori Taguchi
  • Mikeo Ishii – Akane Taguchi
  • Kaoru Okunuki – Kishikawa Marie
  • Houka Kinoshita – Tamotsu Kishikawa


Episode Title Writer Director Original airdate
01"Puzzle ~Medical malpractice? Murder?!~"
 (謎 医療ミスか? 殺人か!?)
Noriko GotoHisashi UedaOctober 14, 2008
02"Rumour ~Active Phase (Active Investigation) vs Passive Phase (Passive Investigation)~"
 (噂 アクティヴ·フェーズ(能動的調査) VS パッシヴ·フェーズ(受動的調査))
Noriko GotoHisashi UedaOctober 21, 2008
03"Bond ~Anesthesiologist's confession~"
 (絆 麻酔科医の告白)
Noriko GotoKazuhisa ImaiOctober 28, 2008
04"Gaze ~Elite's pride and weakness~"
 (望 エリートのプライドと弱点)
Noriko GotoKazuhisa ImaiNovember 4, 2008
05"Love ~With a criminal's motive~"
 (恋 犯人の目星はついた)
Noriko GotoHisashi UedaNovember 11, 2008
06"Absolute crime in the operating room... You are the perpetrator"
Noriko GotoHisashi UedaNovember 18, 2008
07"Real criminal appears ~Wrong deduction... the real criminal appears!~"
 (真犯人登場 間違っていた推理...真犯人登場!)
Noriko GotoKazuhisa ImaiNovember 25, 2008
08"Quivering scalpel ~Rifts between brothers-in-law... Abnormal occurrence during the operation!~"
 (震えるメス 義兄弟の亀裂...オペで異常事態!)
Noriko GotoKazunari HoshinoDecember 2, 2008
09"False alibi and fatal mistake"
Noriko GotoHisashi UedaDecember 9, 2008
10"Final puzzle solving...This is the medical trick!!"
Noriko GotoKazuhisa ImaiDecember 16, 2008
11"Absolute crime in only 3 seconds!!The most dangerous operation starts right now"
Noriko GotoHisashi UedaDecember 23, 2008


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